How to perform an Instagram Audit in 2021

It is a difficult task to keep your Instagram account clear and advanced. For this purpose, you should carry out regular audits. They allow you to observe whether you are reaching your targets or not. Operating a business Instagram account is just like any other business activity. Social media is the only and simplest way for business owners to reach out to their target audience. A business owner should have access to all the platforms available to promote his or her company and become successful. Thus, Instagram is the most common way to boost your business. A person not using social media platforms is staying away from nearly half of the world.…

What is a patient portal in healthcare?

If there were ancient times, we would say that healthcare consultancy worked due to human-to-human contact. Thanks to the dot-com bubble in the 1990s and the current pandemic, that’s no longer possible. There are other ways of making healthcare cheap and available from the comfort of your home. Patient portals are one of the tools which have been used over the current years. Other methods and technologies include the use of appointment reminder apps or telemonitoring devices to gather information on the patient or book or cancel an appointment.

A patient portal is like a blog that gives personal healthcare information. The great advantage of a patient portal is that it is online, with 24/7 access, as long as you have an Internet connection. You can have access to your records and previously attended appointments with a particular doctor. This is convenient, as it can serve anywhere at any time without interfering with the doctor’s schedule. All you need is a username and password.

You can also learn the patient’s portal by understanding its functions:…

Goodbye Likes, Hello Saves: Are Instagram Saves the New Hot Engagement Metric?

Bye-bye likes, hello saves: these saves are now the most common engagement metrics among brands (and for a good reason). Removing tastes, performance tactics for Instagram newsfeed posts are shifting the wheels from random likes and toward private “saves.” It can be easily experienced by using Instagram.

What do you know about “Instagram saves”?

What type of questions to ask on Instagram poll

Instagram polls are an efficient way of garnering the attention and engagement of your followers. They make sure that your audience does not just swipe past your story but stops to see what you’ve posted and participates in it. These polls bring an opportunity for you to obtain insights and opinions of your audience without personally messaging and contacting each one of them. Instagram polls are a one story-target all kind of strategy where a single story has the ability to target audiences, even those who are not even following you! Instagram polls now come in the classic Yes/No customizable poll and in the emoji slider poll. It often becomes hard for businesses to decide how they want to make use of the Instagram poll in order to efficiently target the right people.
To find out more:

Creative Types of Questions to Ask

  1. Crowdsource Feedback: Instagram polls allow you to obtain opinions, ideas, and feedback from the people that you actually aim to target. This allows you to find out what they actually desire without having to carry out extensive research! By including your followers in idea creation, you let them feel involved and valued. They feel like their opinion matters. It is imperative that you share results once the poll has been completed so that your audience knows that you are hearing their needs!
  2. Steer Traffic to your Website: Instagram has allowed you to add links to your stories and this has made easy for you to make people visit your website by just tapping on your story! By the use of polls, you can create curiosity in the minds of your consumer which can result in them going to visit your profile so they can achieve the answers they want. For example, uploading a poll that lets them guess the price of a certain product and on the next story, you attach a link to your website which contains an article regarding the actual price.
  3. Learn more about your Audience: You can ask questions that give you insights about your audience. You can find out about their interests, their hobbies, and their passions. This helps to develop a strong relationship with your followers.
  4. Create Brand Awareness: Adding questions that excite the audience regarding your brand and increase their interest in your product or service is another efficient and successful way of using polls. A new brand launch can be carried out through this type of poll.
  5. Emoji Slider Questions: These types of questions place probable answers on an emoji scale and the audience can slide to the answer they think is right.


Instagram polls can be utilized by the help of questions, which are all vital to ensure that your brand builds a lasting relationship with its customers and promotes maximum engagement. These types of questions are …

What does Intel Core i5 Mean

Intel is a company that designs and manufactures computer parts and products which are essential to the efficient performance of a computer server. The products launched by Intel are of premium quality and are known as the best in the market. Intel also engages in networking and storage devices and components where it specializes as the best amongst its competitors. While making the choice of a laptop or a computer, consumers usually take a close look at the Intel processors that are present in the device. These processors can either make or break your experience because they are responsible for the speed, performance, and functioning of your device. One of the best examples is the processor Intel Core i5 sm0rx, which provides speed and optimum performance.

Intel Core i5

The Core i5 is designed by Intel and is one of their computer processors. It is present in the market as both dual-core or quad-core. Used in laptops as well as desktop computers, it belongs to one of the three variations of the processors that have been produced by Intel.

It is available in different speeds which vary from 1.90 GHz to 3.80 GHz. It can fit in the LGA 1150 socket on the motherboard. Core i5 usually features quad-core where it has four cores but some high-end processors have six cores. Type of RAM used is the DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600 however other RAMs can be substituted as well in order to increase the level of performance.

The Core i5 processors all possess different power usage for every variant of the processor.

  1. Slow speed uses 11.5 power watts
  2. Medium speed utilizes 15, 25, 28 or 37 watts
  3. Faster speeds use 35 watts and above

These are the specifications of the Intel Core i5 processors, thus the meaning of the core i5 is that it is a processor which helps computers work efficiently and it aids in the functioning of the server. These processors are most typically present in desktop computers, which are mostly used on an everyday basis where performance needs to be well-maintained. Laptops may also contain these processors in order to handle the heavy usage of certain people, hence the core processors are a choice that you can choose from yourself.

When you use these processors at low speed, then the battery usage of your device is normal and your device does not shut down quickly. If you use higher speeds, then your laptop or computer will more easily drain out of battery and will require battery recharge after every couple of hours.


The Intel Core i5 processors is essential to the proper performance and user experience of a computer or a laptop. The user is required to carefully pick the processor and its cores. It is imperative to make the choice very wisely because this

Is Web development software engineering?

Is Web development software engineering?

The monumental rise in the use of the internet is not hidden from anyone. There are already more than 4 billion users of the internet. There are more than 1.5 billion sites on the internet, and more than 380 new websites are launched each minute. These developments have made web development an attractive career choice for youngsters all across the globe. However, as it is a relatively new field, there are many questions about this field as well. One of the most confusing questions about this field is whether web development is software engineering. If you do not know the answer to this question, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you what web development is and whether web development is software engineering. By the time you reach the end of this article, you will have found an answer you were looking for.

What is web development?

Firstly, it is essential to tell you what web development is. Web development is the creation and development of the different sites and their functions on the internet. Any site you see on the internet is there because of the efforts and work of a web developer. However, web development also refers to developing a site for any intranet. However, web development does not include design elements. There is a separate field known as web designing for the design elements of any site. Web developers work in close relation with web designers as they both come together to form a website.

Is web development software engineering?

It is not easy to explain the specific relation between the fields of web development and software engineering. In simple words, all web developers are software engineers but not all software engineers are web developers. It is because web development can be considered a subset of software engineering. Both of them are in turn, subsets of computer science. The use of the different kinds of tools and software engineering techniques are rendered by web developers in their tasks. They both share a number of the same skills and their jobs also correlate closely. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all software engineers are web developers. It is because software engineers do not necessarily work on web-related tasks. Instead, they may work on a number of other areas as well. For example, they may choose to work on Adobe or any other similar software or application. On the other hand, web developers are only restricted to the internet and intranets. They do not work on projects outside of these realms.


Now that you know about the differences and similarities between web development and software engineering, you can better use this information in the practical field. You can also use this information as an aspiring web developer. Any web developer …

What does a front end web developer do?

What does a front end web developer do?

Web development is a highly lucrative career option for youngsters today. There are more than 380 new websites being launched each minute. The professionals responsible for this growth are known as web developers. In the globally digital world today, anyone can become a web developer. You do not need any fancy degree to become a web developer. All you need is a sharp skill set that can allow you to develop websites that get high engagement rates and attract visitors. If you are interested in becoming a web developer, there are some basic concepts that you need to familiarize yourself with. One of the most basic concepts when it comes to web development is that of the front end and back end. Web developers can be classified into front end developers and back end developers. If you do not know what these are, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you what a front end developer is and what the role of a front end developer is.

What is a front end web developer?

Firstly, it is essential to tell you what a frontend developer is. The websites have two components: frontend and backend. The frontend a part of the website that is visible to the clients/visitors, while the backend is the website’s “engine” and it is not there for the clients/visitors to see. The back end contains all the technical aspects like coding while the front end carries all the interactive designs and texts. Under these definitions, a front end developer is someone who works on the front end of a site and who creates the visual part and content for it.

Can I become a front end developer?

Now that you know what a front end developer is, it is time to tell you whether you can become one. The answer to this question is yes. You can become a front end developer by taking some cheap and basic courses in web development. These sources are available online as well. You just need to learn the skill of web development and use it to create an attractive portfolio. You can then use this portfolio to land clients and get jobs. Apart from getting a professional job, you can also choose to work as a freelancer in this field. Working as a freelancer means that you get to choose your own business hours and working place. Also, you can get paid more than your job counterparts in the same field. Hence, it is an attractive option for many who choose to work as a front end developer.


Becoming a front end developer is not at all a hard task. All you need is enough dedication and discipline to master this new skill. However, once you become proficient in this skill, you can use it …

What coding language should I learn first?

What coding language should I learn first?

There are a number of coding languages around the world that are quite popular in terms of their use and flexibility. While the beginner programmers suggest easier languages, professionals highlight the various benefits of going for a multi-purpose one. Python, JavaScript, and C are some of the main languages commonly used around the world. While there is no definitive answer to this question, you can view the different features of each language and choose the one at your own discretion.


What is Python used for?

Python is one of the languages which is recommended if you want to pursue coding as a hobby. This is because Python is an easy language, and it can even be quite fun. The language is written in easy English, which means that it will be easy for you to become proficient at the task in a short time. A language like Python has an easy syntax format, which means it can slide out a few syntax mistakes here and there. Furthermore, it can help you build a strong base before you can move on to the harder coding languages.


C is a comparatively difficult language when you compare it to Python. However, it is still a good first choice for beginners. C can be a starter since it can lead to other harder languages too. A specific factor of C is that it is able to resonate with many other languages too. This means that once you start learning C and become proficient in it, you can also move on to C++, which is a higher-level language.


Java is an object-oriented language whose demand is high around the world. This is because it deals with heavy featured websites. The main purpose of the language was for it to be written anywhere and work everywhere. Due to this compatibility, Java is widely accepted. If you learn Java, you can open yourself up to new possibilities in the future. Furthermore, Java is a high paying profession, and you can also make a good living out of it. Since it is somewhat similar to JavaScript, you can potentially move on to JavaScript once you’re done with Java. It is in high demand, and the companies which employ such professionals are Amazon, eBay, and IBM. You can also use your skills of Java to develop apps for android and iOS.

As compared to Python, Java can be a harder language to learn and may take more time of yours. However, once you start at the beginner-friendly level, you can gain more out of it.



JavaScript is a language that is the most popular one in the world. It is in high demand even after 20 years of being in the open market. It is used for frontend as well as backend development. The main feature of JavaScript is that you …

Can I use Python for the front end?

Can I use Python for the front end?

If you are a front-end designer, you definitely know that the tools that are present on the user’s computer are quite limited, and the web browser is only so good. A disadvantage of browsers is that they can only execute JavaScript codes. That being said, you cannot use Python for frontend development since it is not compatible with the task. Python is a programming language that only works with backend development. Even though some programmer’s claim that they can create mods which can make Python work in font-end, it is still a hefty process to go through. Instead, you can just use JavaScript for the task.

Python and JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This is because JavaScript was originally designed to write anywhere and work potentially everywhere. This means that you can write the codes in JavaScript at any device, and it will be able to run through all types of platforms. Furthermore, browsers support JavaScript, which means you o not have to go through the hassle of creating mods for Python just to make it work for frontend.

JavaScript is a comparatively harder language to learn and operate when compared to Python, but it is more commonly used. Another benefit of using JavaScript is that it is faster for the end-user, and that is the ultimate goal. Since the code of JS is executed on the side of the client, the processing is done immediately on the web pages. This is because it does not need to be processed on the webserver of the website.

JavaScript is also compatible with many third-party add-ons. JavaScript developers can write snippets of JavaScript and put them on wanted web pages so that their functionality increases.

Furthermore, you do not need to do any kind of compilation in JavaScript. The browser can simply interpret JavaScript as HTML tags, which potentially avoids a lot of issues for you.

The syntax of JavaScript, even though harder than Python, is still comparatively easy to learn. Once you become proficient with JS, you can develop dynamic as well as scalable websites.

Any browser, which is JavaScript-enabled can understand your codes in Java and interpret them completely.

JavaScript is an event-based programming language. This means that it is able to deploy different code segments on different vents. In simpler languages, a code segment can be deployed once the user clicks on a button.

The language of JavaScript has several capabilities that make it a procedural language. You can access branching, looping, and checking in JavaScript.

The programmer predicts that JavaScript is the programming language of the future. Even though there are many substitutes, Java happens to be running on top for a long time. it is now a crucial tool for web development, and many companies keep it as a necessity …