What coding language should I learn first?

What coding language should I learn first?

There are a number of coding languages around the world that are quite popular in terms of their use and flexibility. While the beginner programmers suggest easier languages, professionals highlight the various benefits of going for a multi-purpose one. Python, JavaScript, and C are some of the main languages commonly used around the world. While there is no definitive answer to this question, you can view the different features of each language and choose the one at your own discretion.


What is Python used for?

Python is one of the languages which is recommended if you want to pursue coding as a hobby. This is because Python is an easy language, and it can even be quite fun. The language is written in easy English, which means that it will be easy for you to become proficient at the task in a short time. A language like Python has an easy syntax format, which means it can slide out a few syntax mistakes here and there. Furthermore, it can help you build a strong base before you can move on to the harder coding languages.


C is a comparatively difficult language when you compare it to Python. However, it is still a good first choice for beginners. C can be a starter since it can lead to other harder languages too. A specific factor of C is that it is able to resonate with many other languages too. This means that once you start learning C and become proficient in it, you can also move on to C++, which is a higher-level language.


Java is an object-oriented language whose demand is high around the world. This is because it deals with heavy featured websites. The main purpose of the language was for it to be written anywhere and work everywhere. Due to this compatibility, Java is widely accepted. If you learn Java, you can open yourself up to new possibilities in the future. Furthermore, Java is a high paying profession, and you can also make a good living out of it. Since it is somewhat similar to JavaScript, you can potentially move on to JavaScript once you’re done with Java. It is in high demand, and the companies which employ such professionals are Amazon, eBay, and IBM. You can also use your skills of Java to develop apps for android and iOS.

As compared to Python, Java can be a harder language to learn and may take more time of yours. However, once you start at the beginner-friendly level, you can gain more out of it.



JavaScript is a language that is the most popular one in the world. It is in high demand even after 20 years of being in the open market. It is used for frontend as well as backend development. The main feature of JavaScript is that you can write it on any device and run it through all platforms.


In conclusion, your project, as well as an area of work, highly effects which language you choose to learn. With all the right information, you can finally make an informed decision.