What type of questions to ask on Instagram poll

Instagram polls are an efficient way of garnering the attention and engagement of your followers. They make sure that your audience does not just swipe past your story but stops to see what you’ve posted and participates in it. These polls bring an opportunity for you to obtain insights and opinions of your audience without personally messaging and contacting each one of them. Instagram polls are a one story-target all kind of strategy where a single story has the ability to target audiences, even those who are not even following you! Instagram polls now come in the classic Yes/No customizable poll and in the emoji slider poll. It often becomes hard for businesses to decide how they want to make use of the Instagram poll in order to efficiently target the right people.
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Creative Types of Questions to Ask

  1. Crowdsource Feedback: Instagram polls allow you to obtain opinions, ideas, and feedback from the people that you actually aim to target. This allows you to find out what they actually desire without having to carry out extensive research! By including your followers in idea creation, you let them feel involved and valued. They feel like their opinion matters. It is imperative that you share results once the poll has been completed so that your audience knows that you are hearing their needs!
  2. Steer Traffic to your Website: Instagram has allowed you to add links to your stories and this has made easy for you to make people visit your website by just tapping on your story! By the use of polls, you can create curiosity in the minds of your consumer which can result in them going to visit your profile so they can achieve the answers they want. For example, uploading a poll that lets them guess the price of a certain product and on the next story, you attach a link to your website which contains an article regarding the actual price.
  3. Learn more about your Audience: You can ask questions that give you insights about your audience. You can find out about their interests, their hobbies, and their passions. This helps to develop a strong relationship with your followers.
  4. Create Brand Awareness: Adding questions that excite the audience regarding your brand and increase their interest in your product or service is another efficient and successful way of using polls. A new brand launch can be carried out through this type of poll.
  5. Emoji Slider Questions: These types of questions place probable answers on an emoji scale and the audience can slide to the answer they think is right.


Instagram polls can be utilized by the help of questions, which are all vital to ensure that your brand builds a lasting relationship with its customers and promotes maximum engagement. These types of questions are all successful in ensuring that your outlook is positive and well-maintained amongst your competitors and your audiences.